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The Essence of Life

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Discover A Life of Higher Potential

Melbourne Edition!

A 2-day meditation workshop that can change your life.

Have you ever wondered what life is all about?

Is it possible to experience inner happiness at all times?

Do you want to live up to your true potential this life?

In every human being, there lies a hidden store of unlimited contentment, unconditional love and infinite joy.

As we evolve, we have now learned to tap into this infinite energy of vast potentials hidden inside you, waiting to be discovered.

We realized there is a missing piece of puzzle in your life. Whereby what we learned in schools and universities do not tell us who we are and what we are truly capable of.

In this 2-day workshop, we will learn how to practically unlock your true potential.

What was once just inspirational content that happened to other people can now become something truly transformational for YOU.

2-day workshop that will be self-transformational

In this workshop, Michael Teh will be sharing his practical teachings and wisdom that will guide you to evolve and break out out of your old self to start living the life you truly deserve.

It is time to remove all the negative emotions trapped in your system that no longer serve you and the successful person you are.

Let go of all the bad experiences and traumas in your life by seeing them from a new perspective and find greater happiness.

Take time to evolve yourself to a new human by learning new knowledge and wisdom about the real YOU.

You can gain all these benefits in just 2 days — all from the workshop.

What You Will Learn in

The Essence of Life Workshop

We'd like to share these topics that Michael Teh will cover in the workshop so you can quickly reference them whenever you need.

Day 1 is about learning the basics of breathing and meditation as well as the philosophy behind meditation.

· Knowledge of the Self

· Fundamentals of Meditation

· Fundamentals of Breathing

· Meditation and Philosophy

· Meditation Practice 1

Day 2 covers mindfulness, energy and consciousness and the power of unconditional love.

· The State of Mindfulness

· Energy and Consciousness

· The Power of Unconditional Love

· Meditation Practice 2 & 3

Bonus Exercises :

Personal Affirmation & Grounding Practices

During these 2 days, Michael Teh’s Guided Meditation Practices will bring everything together to sync your mind, body, and heart.

The real you has the potential to live a life of happiness, fulfillment and absolute bliss.

Start your journey now and make it happen.

Our Exclusive Offer to You

We want to make it easy for you and your loved ones to join the workshop and become a person who is worthy and deserving of every happiness and success in life.

For a limited period, we are offering our customers a Special Couple Discount Rate for this 2-day workshop. Don't miss out!

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